How To Grow More Herbs Than You Will Ever Need By Cloning

basil-iStock_84310823_XXXLARGELike fresh basil? Need More?

Everyone has seed those herb plants in grocery stores that look so lush and fresh, until 2 days and one use later it looks trampled and SAD. Its all a game, they aren’t giving us NEARLY enough to sustain our insatiable thirst for cilantro.

I have the ultimate solution: CLONING. and the process is EASY

  1. Buy pots of herb plants, whatever kinds you need. Cut all of the plants off near the base. Cut these into 3″ segments and remove the bottom leaves from each segment. You now have a LOT of segments.
  2. Prepare pots of basic potting soil by gently packing soil into small pots or cups.
  3. Place cuttings in the soil up to the first leaves, and press down the soil around them.
  4. Cover with plastic or place each pot in a plastic bag to encourage high moisture.
  5. In 1 week, remove from the bag.
  6. BOOM, let them grow for a few weeks and you’ve got a TON of branchy basil plants. Dividing up the cuttings encourages the new plants to grow super bushy and full. That means more leaves!





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