Strain Report: Pineapple Express

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Pineapple Express has got to be my favourite cannabis strain of all time. This sativa dominant hybrid is a freaking show stopper. Not because of the movie (I actually haven’t even seen it), but because of its overall usefulness. As a musician, I have always loved super exciting, creative strains like this that you can enjoy anytime of day.


  • Trainwreck
  • Hawaiian

Smell 9/10

Amazingly, this strain has a sweet, fruity smell. Hints of cotton candy and pine tree, and that beautifully strong pineapple aroma.

Density 7/10

As with all cannabis, it depends on the grower what your buds are going to look like. In general though, after examining a few live plants I have noticed that the slightly higher amount of shake and crumby quality of some pineapple express has lot to do with how the plant itself forms its buds. In other words, if you’re buying bulk, don’t expect 100% beautiful bud from this spindly sativa.


Smoke 8/10

Sweet, sweet, sweet, though if this strain is not cured properly it can be particularly harsh. When cured incorrectly, pineapple express has a strong ‘Christmas tree’ flavour that is absolutely abominable.

When dried and cured correctly, pineapple express leaves a lasting sweetness with pineapple tastes upfront, and a lingering floral mango finish.

Effect 10/10

This strain is strong, energetic, and creative. The rise is not scary or jarring like some strains, it is very sooth and mellow. I have never noticed dry mouth, dry eyes, or excessive munchies from this strain. An excellent choice for people who suffer from anxiety and depression and need daytime relief. Very non- drowsy, almost invigorating.

Expect to spend hours sketching, creating, singing, cooking, or whatever you love. I find this strain removes your worries without being too debilitating so you can simply enjoy your  day.

The effects aren’t the longest lasting, about 90 minutes, but it is so worth it.

As An Edible 9/10

As an edible this strain is more relaxing and its Indica side comes out a bit. The creativity is still very prominent, but in a more relaxing context where you want to stay in and create, not run around singing, if you know what I mean.

Overall 43/50

I highly recommend you seek out and purchase this strain. A beautiful addition to your pantry, this strain strips you of your woes and lifts you up.





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