Strain Report: King Kush

Whilst grabbing my usual, Pineapple Express, today I came across some nice looking King Kush and decided to give it a try! Boasting >< 20% THC, why not?


  • Grape
  • OG Kush


This stuff smells beautiful, with a great Big League Chew artificial grape smell. Not unlike  Granddaddy Purple, this strain presents a dank but deep fruity aroma. Also a nice pot pourri flowery aroma fills the room once this stuff gets grinding!


This is my first time having this stuff, but the buds are dense and firm for the most part (I bought a bit so you can never expect the whole batch to be peng). It makes a nice ‘Crack’ when you break off a piece. Though it seemed to be a poorer trim than other strains from this supplier… Perhaps this is due to a higher number of small leaves on the plant itself. Regardless its tight and I don’t care.


This is a dense smoke. Nice and sweet flavour with a gentle spice on the finish. Again, the floral notes present themselves in the finish. Smooth, especially given this strain can pack super high THC levels.


This strain is all good vibes, but newcomers be wary of her strength. A little sleepy, making this strain a good choice for evening use, but not overwhelmingly so (like GDP). First noticeable effect is a warm, heady, creative buzz with a sense of wellbeing, followed by a slow melt into the sofa. Maybe not a good choice for morning use (unless you have nothing to do). Some people report experiencing couch lock, but I personally did not find this even after consuming vast amounts. I would expect this strain would be a knockout if it were prepared as an edible.

***Terpene information coming to my reviews soon!***


Really great quality cannabis with wonderful aroma and notable strength. I would recommend this for people who seek the more chill aspects of cannabis, as well as anxiety patients. Really relaxing, happy vibes.

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