The Cheapest Countries You Can Vacation To In 2018/ 2019

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Vacations need not be expensive. If you are able to pick the right country, you can easily afford the vacation. You have to just keep in mind that you are choosing the countriescarefully. We will today specifically share with you some of the cheapest countries to take a vacation in.

Mazatlan, Mexico


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The exchange rate of Mexican Pesos is in your favor. US $1 = 19 Mexican Pesos. This ensures that any destination in Mexico is one of the most affordable for you. Moreover, the one which we are speaking about now that is Mazatlan is a tourist hotspot. You will be able to explore beautiful beaches and party in some of the best clubs in town at an affordable cost. Also, if you’re going with your family, a room for 4 you will cost you less than $100. This means that you will be able to explore the place on a budget quite easily.

South Africa


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The exchange rate in South Africa is again in your favor. A good example is when you book a five-star hotel in New York take the example of Taj hotels and resorts; you will have to shell out around $ 786 per night. On the other hand, when you’re booking similar luxury property in Cape Town, you will just be selling or $266. That is whyyou will be able to save a significant amount of money. You just need to keep in mind that the seasonscan be entirely opposite of the northern hemisphere. That is whyyou have to plan your trip carefully when you’re heading over to South Africa.

Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is one of the best destinations which you can visit in the Caribbean. Also, if you visit during the low season that is from April to mid-December, you can be sure that you will be able to get quite a few deals as well. With numerous accommodation options competing with each other, you can be sure that the accommodation cost will be on the lower side. Moreover, US dollars are legal tender in Puerto Rico. This means that you will not have to worry about converting the currency as well. There are many low-cost boutique hotelswhich will help you in exploring the place within your budget.



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Indonesia is one of the worst exchange rates in the world against the US dollar. This means that when you’re converting US$ 1 to Indonesian rupiah, you will be able to get 14,500 Indonesian rupiahs. This ensures that the place is actually pretty affordable for a vacation. If you are specifically searching for a destination in Indonesia, there is no better option than Bali. You will be able to get the sun, sand, andbeaches which are famous worldwide. With numerous different accommodation options, you will be able to easily get a villa or a hotel room or an apartmentwithin your budget.

Thus, when you’re looking for the cheapest countries to vacation in, these are the 4 options which you can explore.

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