Strain Report: Alaskan Thunder Fuck

I finally found Alaskan Thunder Fuck! This is a sativa dominant hybrid that has quite a curious lineage and a super high THC content up to 25% THC, which is probably why it put me out $16 per gram.


  • Unknown Sativa
  • Unknown Ruderalis
  • Afghani


This stuff smells really weird, there is a definite earthiness to it while still being very sweet, which makes it remind me of a dirt flavoured Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean. Very specific, I know, but that’s what I’m here for.

There is also a noticeable lemon rind after note in the aroma. Really beautiful stuff here.


This is my first time having this stuff, and I did purchase AAAA grade flower, so this may not always be the case, but what a beautifully dense bud I got. It makes an audible ‘Crack’ as you break a piece away and put it into the grinder. Feels like a moon rock, almost. Crazy.


Ok so this is a heavy smoke. Be ready for that, first. Expect an ammonia- sour flavour from this strain on the exhale. A touch citrusy with a strong piney mango and forest floor flavour (no, I have not licked a forest floor).


This strain snuck up on me, which I am not used to. One dose and I just started doing productive things and singing and having a nice day, whereas usually I am constantly needing to smoke to keep up my energy. The lady at the shop warned me that it is supposed to be snacky, though RIGHT NOW I am not experiencing that any more than your typical stuff.

With Alaskan Thunder Fuck you can expect extreme euphoria, strong mood elevation, and an increased appreciation for music. One small dose made me stop writing this review and go write a few new songs for a while… Similar to Pineapple Express in the way where it seems to encourage me to think outside the box. Extremely long lasting for me, I usually get 45 minutes off of a dose of cannabis, but in this case I was dosing every 2.5 hours! Amazing strength!

***Terpene information coming to my reviews soon!***


I need more of this stuff, what an absolute treat. I would recommend this to you any day, any time (except maybe night time). This is an amazing strain to have a fun, free day. Arguably the best sativa hybrid I have ever had. Must try.

Getting Started Growing Cannabis


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Strain Report: Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is one of those strains that I buy every time I see it in the shop. An awesome sativa dominant hybrid for relieving pain without knocking you out. This is a super orange coloured, high THC plant. Difficult to grow, and usually pretty tricky to find, this strain is a must have for people who seek a daytime mood boost.


  • G13
  • Afghani
  • Neville’s A5 Haze


Sweet marmalade and cotton candy aromas that take me back to memories of five alive juice boxes and orange crush soda. Really awesome freshness to it.


I have seen this strain get pretty loose, but this is purely aesthetic. The plant, without perfect execution on the growers part, will produce buds that look like mids but smoke way better. I have seen a lot of people take a look at it and decide to buy something a bit prettier- big mistake, buddy. This stuff works a charm.


Photo from Greenrush


This is one of those strains that actually tastes like its name. The smoke is sweet and fruity, easy to inhale, with no bitter aftertastes (I get this with a lot of lemon and citrus strains). Many strains have little to no taste when consumed by bong rather than rolled, though this strain has such a powerful flavour that you really get this bowl hit of oranges, so cool.


This is the perfect recreational strain. Tang Dream can give you the push out the door that you need, that bit of bliss that starts your day out right. It has such a worry-crushing, mood elevating effect, paired with it’s strong pain relief that it makes you live your whole day without getting stuck on the little things that would usually bog you down. A small amount of this strain can last you a very long time, making it a very worth the money strain.

***Terpene information coming to my reviews soon!***


I highly recommend you seek out and purchase this strain if you seek daytime pain relief, energy, or a treatment for depression and anxiety, especially depression. If you just want to have a good day, a little bit of Tangerine Dream might be just what you need.

Getting Started Growing Cannabis



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The Importance of Soil PH

Photo: Pinterest

The pH of the soil has a direct impact on the fertility of the soil. If you’re serious about your garden or vegetables and fruits which you are growing in your garden, it is important to know about the pH of the soil. Depending on the pH, your soil can be acidic or alkaline. Each of these has its own pros and cons. Also, the pH level of the soil has a direct impact on the nutrients which are available in the soil. Owing to this very factor, you have to always be aware of the pH levels of the soil.

Before you bring out your pH scale, you have to understand the levels on it. The pH scale can go from 1 to 14. 7 is considered neutral. If the pH level is below 7, it is considered as acidic. On the other hand, if the pH level is above 7, it is considered as alkaline. If you’re looking for the optimumpresence of nutrients in the soil, you have to ensure that the pH level is around 6 to 7. Even thoughthis is the ideal level but anything between 3.5 to 10 will provide you with the conducive environment for growing your plants.

One thing which you have to keep in mind is that a slight variation in pH can result in drastic variation in nutrients. This is because each number on the pH scale is to a factor of 10. That is whyyou have to be very careful when you’re looking to maintain the pH level of your soil.

You will now look at both the soil options in order to help you better understand which one is suitable for your garden.


Acidic soil

Acidic soil is often found in areas which has a significant amount of rainfall. The main problem with acidic soil is that the nutrients will be absorbed by the soil at a much slower pace. In many of the cases, the amountof nutrients which are found are pretty low. Also, when you’re using fertilizers on acidic soil, they will yield a little result because absorption will not take place.


When you’re looking to increase the pH level of the soil so that it is not acidic, a good option is to add agricultural limestone. When you’re adding limestone, it will replace calcium as well as magnesium. This will help you in increasing the pH level of the soil.


Alkaline soil

If the pH level of the soil is pretty high because it is alkaline you can easily add organic matter in order to reduce the pH levels. It is much easier to manage the alkaline soil as compared to the acidic soil. You need to test the soil and in order to find out about the sodium contents. Oftentimes, in the alkalinesoil,the sodium content is on the higher side. If it is so, it will hamper the growth of your plants. That is whyit is important to solve the problem of high pH levels when you’re having an alkalinesoil.


As we stated above, you can easily add decomposed organic matter. In addition to that, you can use foliarspray or liquid seaweed.


All in all, when you’re planning on starting some new plants, it is important to know about the pH level of the soil. Only once you are able to do that will it become easier for you to choose the right kind of plants for your perfect garden.

How To Grow Turmeric Indoors

Here is a quick video I made about how I get my turmeric plants started!

For those who prefer it in text, the process is as follows:

  1. Soak turmeric root in water for 24 hours and leave in a warm, dark location until green spots or “eyes” have formed.
  2. Plant 1 inch deep in good potting soil (I use cactus soil)
  3. In 7-14 days you should have visible shoots coming off of your plant
  4. Transplant into an 18″ pot before the plant becomes root bound as this will prevent a good harvest.
  5. In 10 months,  harvest and enjoy your fresh turmeric!

Thanks for reading,


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Video: 53 Day Old Dragon Fruit Plants/ Pitaya From Seed!

Here is a quick video I have put together showing off some of my dragon fruit/ pitaya babies that I grew from seed on July 7! These guys are growing fast!

ALSO, I show off my baby Yellow Pitaya plants that I grew from seed as well.


If you missed my first how-to, you can watch here:

Ebb and Flow Hydroponics

Photo: The Organic Garden Centre on WordPress

Ebb And Flow Hydroponics Systems are becoming more and more popular. Among the many hydroponics systems which are available these days, this is the most popular system. We will today help you understand what exactly the system is and what the components of the system are.

What is Ebb And Flow Hydroponics System?

An Ebb And Flow Hydroponics System consists of a plant tray, reservoir and pump. With the help of the pump, you will be able to always maintain an adequate level of water in the plant tray. This will mean that you do not have to worry about the presence of water while growing your plants. We will now go into the details of each and every one of these components so that you are able to understand them easily.

The plant tray

The plant tray isnothing but the large container. You have to place your plant in it. A good option to plant will be the half gallon pots. You need to make sure that the pots are perforated. The size of the pots ideally should be double that of the plant. The plant tray will consist of water which is dense with nutrients. It is directly connected to a reservoir. The pump, as well as the drain tube, connects the reservoir and the plant tray.


The reservoiris a large container which is directly placed below the plant tray. It is connected with the help of a submersible pump which contains a timer. This pump controls the flow of water to the plant tray at all points in time. With the help of the drain tube, the water can be drained from the plant tray back into the reservoir. You can then reuse that water by pumping it up to the plant tray. You have to just make sure that you are refilling nutrients on a weekly basis.

With the help of this, you will be able to precisely control the water access to your plants. That is why this water system is much more versatile as compared to any other.

Many of the people think that this water system is actually a bit complicated to create. The truth is that all the components of this water system are readily available. Thus, creating this water system is not a problem at all.

The next time you’re looking for a suitable hydroponics system; do make sure that you consider the Ebb and Flow Hydroponics System as it is one of the most versatile hydroponics systems which you can use.

Strain Report: Granddaddy Purple

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GDP is an amazing Indica with intense sedating effects. Huge numbers in both THC and CBD. The colour is so crazy purple to the eye you almost won’t believe it. I have had the chance to consume this strain as flower, edible, and shatter extract, and I keep coming back. As a frequent sufferer of anxiety and depression, this strain can knock me out even from the worst of times. This is so valuable to me as a heavy heavy smoker because most of the time, even the sleepiest of weeds can’t actually put me down because of my tolerance. Granddaddy P can without fail.


  • Purple Urkle
  • Big Bud

Smell 8/10

Smells like artificial grape. It has a very sweet, sticky, ‘Big League Chew’ gum smell to it. Not unlike a Grapple, which is just the weirdest fruit. Overall this smells super sweet and of berries and grape.

Density 9/10

Always tight and uniform, I find that with a lot of ‘purple’ strains.

Smoke 7/10

The smoke is a lot. I won’t lie to you, every time I have had this strain I have been taken back by how I have to reduce my portion sizes to accommodate the thick smoke this bud provides. This is likely why it is so popular as a shatter or extract, which reduce the stress on your lungs compared to GDP bud. Be careful with your portion sizes when packing bowls.

Effect 8/10

This strain is strong, sleepy as anything. You will not do anything.

The rise is quick so be prepared, and it goes hard. I usually get pretty snacky with this one, but due to its sedating effects it usually is more of an in bed binge followed by a long nap. An excellent choice for people who suffer from anxiety and need nighttime relief. Very drowsy. Do not smoke this unless you want to sleep, IMO. I don’t recommend if you are seriously depressed, this doesn’t help that at all.

As An Edible 8/10

As an edible this strain is even more potent than when smoked. Do not eat this strain unless you are an experienced user or are very careful with your dosing.

As an edible this strain is great for sleep due to its high content of both THC and CBD. Expect GDP edibles to rise slightly faster than usual edibles or oils.

Overall 40/50

I recommend you seek out and purchase this strain if you need help sleeping. This is a great strain for sleep but also a very one trick pony.



Getting Started Growing Cannabis

Thank’s to new laws passing around the world, more and more people are allowed to grow this awesome plant. As of October 17, 2018 it will be legal for Canadians to grow up to four cannabis plants at a time for personal use.

Growing cannabis inside your home is certainly not a complicated task provided, you are aware of a few basic requirements. Those who follow the proper procedure are able to produce cannabis of superior quality. It is very important to provide powerful lights inside the house for the cannabis to grow. Those who want to grow cannabis indoors may ensure to procure feminized seeds from reliable suppliers. The cannabis plants may be allowed to grow in soil inside the house. However, those who are new to cannabis cultivation indoors may strictly avoid overwatering as well as over-feeding the plants. Overwatering will affect the growth as well as yield of the soil-grown plants. Availability of bright light and fresh air, room temperature at night and a little warmer during the day, water with the correct pH and a proper medium to grow are very important for growing cannabis. It is to be noted that soil is not the only recommended medium for growing cannabis. When soil is chosen, the pH of water must be maintained within the range 6 – 7.

Procuring cannabis seeds

Buying good quality seeds is the best option to grow cannabis indoors. Quality seeds can be purchased either online or from direct suppliers. The seeds that are hard and in dark color are ideal and one should avoid seeds that are small and white in color. Though healthy seeds can be kept in the fridge for short periods, freezing the seeds is not advised. Seeds are to be stored in a cool, dry place away from light.

Finding a suitable space

The cannabis can be grown in the basement, an unused room, a tent or a cabinet. You should ensure that the plants and the equipments used to cultivate the plants must fit the place. Those who are beginners may start with a smaller project. When there are only a few plants, it will be easy to monitor them and the project will be less expensive. New growers are more likely to commit a lot of mistakes which may lead to setbacks and loss. The room must have enough space for the plants to grow and also to keep the lights, fans and various equipments. There must be sufficient space for you to move around and work. Those who grow cannabis for the first time may bear in mind that in its early flowering stage the cannabis plant may double or triple its size. There must be sufficient space or elbow room to remove the plants and perform the various tasks. It is very important to keep the place clean. Raw wood, drapes and carpets must be avoided. In order to ensure that there are no light leaks during the dark periods, the room should be made light-tight. The room must be easily accessible and should be cool and dry. There should be sufficient supply of fresh air from the outdoors. Safety and security of the room should be ensured.

Choosing the grow lights

It is very important to choose the best quality cannabis grow lights for growing cannabis indoors. LED lights are ideal for growing cannabis indoors. They are highly durable and consume less quantity of electricity. LED lights create less heat and facilitate more output and better quality. However, LED lights are about 10 times costlier than the HID setup. HID lights are widely used and are quite efficient. These lights also ensure good yield. HID lights are a little costlier than incandescent or fluorescent lights but are considerably cheaper than LED lights. But, when compared to incandescent or fluorescent lights, HID lights produce more quantity of light per unit of electricity consumed. Fluorescent light fixtures are ideal for the small scale cannabis growers with a small budget.

Choosing the grow medium

Soil is the traditional medium and is the most suitable for the novice growers. Those who use potting soil may ensure that the soil is free of artificial fertilizers. When organic pre-fertilized soil is used there is no need to add nutrients. Instead of soil, cannabis can be grown in soilless hydroponic medium. In this method concentrated solutions of mineral salts solutions are to be fed which will be absorbed by the roots through the process of osmosis.

Watering the plants

Overwatering the plants is a common mistake made by the new growers. If high amounts of dissolved minerals are present in the water, it will affect the uptake of nutrients by the roots and will also contain pathogens that may cause root disease. In case the water contains high levels of chlorine, it is advisable to filter the water. The most important thing to remember is that there should not be overwatering. The frequency of watering must be according to the grow medium, size of the plant and the ambient temperature. Normally, young plants are watered once in a week and grown up plants are to be watered once daily. When the soil is found dry, it is an indication that the plant needs water.

Feeding the plants with macronutrients and micronutrients

Macronutrients required by cannabis plants are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and the micronutrients required by the plants are iron, copper, magnesium and calcium. Those who do not use pre-fertilized organic soil may feed the plants with a suitable nutrient solution once in a week.

Life stages of Cannabis plants and their gender identification

The life duration of cannabis plant is just one year and those who grow them indoors should know about the life stages of the plant. Cannabis plants have two life stages – Vegetative and Flowering. During vegetative stage stems and leaves grow and during the flowering stage buds and flowers will be formed. During the vegetative stage the plants are germinated and they must be put in the pots. The plants must be under the grow lights. For 25 days keep them under light for 18 hours a day and switch off the light for 6 hours a day. Once the flowering stage starts keep the lights on for 12 hours and then keep them off for the next 12 hours. In between, for two days the lights may be kept on for 15 hours.

A cannabis plant is either male or female. Buds are formed only on the female plants and hence the gender of a plant can be identified only at the beginning of the flowering stage. The growers prefer only the female plants so as to harvest the buds. However, a few male plants are also essential to facilitate pollination and seed formation. There are no scientifically proven methods to determine the gender of the plant prior to the beginning of the flowering stage.

Appearance of buds and application of fertilizers

Buds start to form on the cannabis plant after 4 weeks of the flowering stage. This is the time to identify the male plants and eliminate them. Since the plants grow very fast, they require a lot of nutrients. Fertilizers should not be applied directly and always they must be mixed with water. While most of the fertilizers work, the specially prepared marijuana fertilizers give better results. A set of growth and bloom fertilizer will give the best output.

When the plants are 2 weeks old, you can start feeding with fertilizers after mixing them with water. After giving fertilizer-mixed water for 3 times, provide pure water once. In a week, give water mixed with fertilizer on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and on Sunday give pure water. Filtered water is preferred.

In case small white spots are found on the leaves look at the other side of the leaf and in case you find tiny bugs moving around, apply Neem Oil to get rid of the spider mites. Neem Oil should be mixed with water as recommended.


The cannabis plants become ripe within 3 months of the flowering stage. When most of the white hairs appear in brown color, it indicates that the plants are ripe. The plants slow down growing and start smelling heavily. The buds become hard and compact. The plants are ready to harvest. Plants that are harvested earlier will be more activating and those harvested too late will have sleepy effect.

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Peyote Cactus From Seed

PeyoteHere in Canada we have laws that allow us to grow the beautiful Peyote cactus L. williamsii. From seed they are so easy to grow, all you need is patience and saran wrap.

No funny business, here is how you grow Peyote at home from seed.

  1. Buy some seeds online, they are super cheap and really available.
  2. Fill a pot with cactus soil and press down gently to 1″ from the top of the soil.
  3. Sprinkle many peyote seeds over the soil and MIST WELL.
  4. Cover with plastic wrap and place in filtered light. GERMINATION IN 1-3 WEEKS.
  6. At 6 months of age, begin to poke one toothpick hole per week in the plastic wrap. Continue to do this for 4 months, then remove the wrap and put the pot in shade to adjust for a week before reintroducing to moderate light.
  7. Do not consume the peyote cactus, you’ll trip balls.