The Jake Food Starter Box

Last week I found a post about Jake Food and knew I had to order some. I placed an order for a starter box, which comes includes:

1 Oaty Vanilla Shake

1 Forest Fruit Shake

1 Banana Shake

3 Bars

1 shaker bottle

The first thing I noticed is packaging, really great branding all around from the box to the shaker. The shaker seems to be really good quality and I have not used it over 10 times for various brands of shake.

Nutritionally it looks great, with each shake providing exactly 1/3 of your days needs down the chart and 667 calories per shake. The main ingredients are Pea Protein, maltodextrin, and Oats.

That said, I don’t love the actual Jake shake. The first flavour I tried was the Oaty Vanilla… I prepared it according to the directions in the shaker, and the result was a very VERY thick shake with a chemically-sweet-plastic taste reminiscent of old school soylent powder. The texture had noticeable grains, and was certainly the most textured lent I have tried thus far. I didn’t quite finish it, half way through I had to put it away and someone else drank it. They didn’t love it either, comparing it to metallic pancake batter.

The forest fruit flavour is better, sort of tangy cranberry taste. It is supposed to be like blueberry and raspberry, and I can totally see it tasting kinda like that. The weird chemical taste is hidden more in this one, not completely, but enough that I finished the whole thing. The texture was still super thick even though I added 200ml extra water to this one to avoid the thickness. I don’t know if it was the fact that I did this, but I would still like the fruit flavour to be stronger to mask the not nice flavours. Idk what to do about the sandy thick texture…


I did not drink the banana flavour, and I don’t intend to until I run out of my other products and really need it. I really wish I could recommend this product because I myself wanted so badly to like it, but I don’t, and I can’t.

Then there are the Vitamin bars, which are better than the shakes but by a very small margin. The texture of both bars is very play- dough like, with flakes of oat throughout providing a texture that is… okay. Not bad. But like I’m not going out of my way to get these things. No sir.

The coffee mocha bar tastes like black liquorice with whispers of coffee and chocolate taste. Mostly it is quite bitter and it is noticeable how much the bar lacks sweetness of any kind.

The forest fruit bar is better but still just not delicious. The pea protein is much more prominent of a flavour in this product, which I didn’t notice in any of the shakes or the coffee bar. After I eat a bar my mouth tastes like I just ate some French Canadian pea soup!

The cost of the Jake Box, all in, was $52.28. Broken down, that’s $34.20 for the box itself at $18.08 at the Canadian Border. In small amounts this is really expensive but after calculating my customs fees plus the cost of larger amounts it seems that it would cost about $470 per month to live completely off Jake, all in.

All in all, Jake is good if you are looking for a shake that is a large portion of your day’s calories and you don’t mind if it tastes not so nice. The bars are better but still, I think there are so many more companies providing tastier products and better prices for the time being. I will order and review again when Jake makes any updates to their recipe.


  1. Hol Food
  2. Soylent
  3. Jake

Coming Soon

  • Huel
  • Ketolent
  • Queal
  • Super Body Fuel
  • Bertrand
  • Biolent


First Impression: Hol Food

Last week I was browsing around for an alternative to my beloved yet estranged Soylent, when I came across Hol Food. Although I was saddened by the lack of a liquid pre mixed version, I went ahead and ordered a tub of 28 complete meals for $88.90 (a meal in this case is 1/4 of a days nutrition). With optimistic thoughts of a cheap, balanced diet on my mind, I waited.

Two Days later my package arrived. Fast, I know, but we are both in Toronto so honestly I should hope so. I opened my box excitedly only to notice that it expired… the next day?

Also, my scoop was in the bottom of the tub which just seemed unnecessarily lazy.

I messaged customer support and they took over a day to reply, but were very nice and told me that they had recently had some mislabelling happen, and if my scoop was blue (it was) the lot was good until January 2019. All good, but what a freaking roller coaster.

After sorting out the expiry and scooping of my new bucket-o-food, I blended one up. 2 Scoops of powder into the Magic Bullet and filled it to the top with cold water. Gave it a whizz and boom. Breakfast.

The taste is really chocolatey. Think thin, barely sweetened brownie batter. The texture is exactly like crepe batter for the top 90%. Then there is the bottom which if you aren’t constantly shaking your cup, accumulates this crazy layer of oats and sadness. All that said, I really do like the idea of a Soylent esque product using Canadian milk and that is soy free (gross).

Overall Rating

Product                     Taste             Texture              Price

Soylent 2.0 Cocoa       7/10                 9/10                      😦

Hol Food Powder       8/10                 7/10                      🙂

At four Hol Foods a day I feel full, healthy, and overall good. Just like I did with Soylent. This kind of food just works for me I think.

I went ahead and placed an order for next month where I plan to live off this stuff like I did Soylent 2.0. They just launched vanilla the day I ordered so I will update with that. They also mentioned an upcoming update to the original formula.

Although my first order shipped in two days, it has now been two business days and my product has not yet shipped. Hoping this is a delay only because of the new vanilla product launch.

OVERALL I am sold on Hol Food for now, and will keep buying. That said, if Soylent re-launches in Canada I will likely go back unless Hol Food steps up their variety of choices. I’m not hurting for my liquid food anymore though, and I’m absolutely loving the cost of Hol Food and looking forward to all their product updates!

Buy Hol Food Chocolate


Buy Hol Food Vanilla