Strain Report: Great White Shark

Great White Shark is everywhere, and it is usually cheap. While at my regular spot, I decided to grab a few grams to write my personal experience with this strain. This hybrid strain boasts benefits from both its indica and sativa lineages, providing powerful pain relief without the indica snoozes.


  • Super Skunk
  • Brazilian
  • South Indian


The aroma is nice and sour on this one. It sounds gross, but there are definite notes of baby vomit in this one as well as skunk, decaying leaves (think autumn) and dried citrus. Very earthy and tangy but also very pleasant, certainly a complex aroma.


A very smooth, pleasant smoke. Not too lung cramping so it is an excellent choice for people who’s tolerance requires them to consume larger amounts all at once. A little cheesy and sour in the taste as well, with a lingering after taste of juniper and lime. I can imagine this would taste really good in a vaporizer.


This strain is super weird, providing a very very strong body numbing sensation. I understand immediately how this can be used for daytime pain. That said, it is still on the sleepier side as hybrids go, so I would recommend taking it slow with this stuff if you are consuming in the daytime. Although the classic sativa creativity is present, there is a lack of motivation to act on it and actually create. Whereas I usually find myself stuck to Logic or Ableton, this strain had me on the couch thinking and drinking tea. Not very productive, but certainly fun.  In my opinion this strain has the wrong qualities from each parent, its has indica that doesn’t help me sleep and  sativa that doesn’t help me create…. Maybe perfect for a rainy day!

Getting Started Growing Cannabis

Overall this stuff is good enough, but is most definitely worth the lower price I pay for it (I wouldn’t pay over $10 CAD/g ever). There is a very generic vibe to the effects, which is probably why its such a classic… Grab some next time you see it (if the price is right) and see for yourself what you think of the classic Great White Shark.



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Video: 53 Day Old Dragon Fruit Plants/ Pitaya From Seed!

Here is a quick video I have put together showing off some of my dragon fruit/ pitaya babies that I grew from seed on July 7! These guys are growing fast!

ALSO, I show off my baby Yellow Pitaya plants that I grew from seed as well.


If you missed my first how-to, you can watch here:

Cheap White Grape Juice ‘Champagne’: A Recipe by Ooch

“This will do in a pinch”- Dad

“Actually drinkable”- Friend

The rave reviews are unanimous, my Welch’s white grape wine is a hit. Sorta.

But hey, it costs like $4/ litre to make TOPS, so accept it for what it is. You can make wine out of anything, something I discovered before I was even old enough to be drinking wine. Carrots bubbling away with white sugar in a crock. Yes, carrots, so trust me when I say that I know first hand that this Concord champagne is not as bad as home-brew gets. Its actually kinda good, in a Baby Duck kind of way.


This recipe is a bit more Meth Lab than Martha Stewart, but bear with me.


You will need:

  • 2 tins of white concord grape juice concentrate, thawed
  • non-chlorinated water
  • 1/4 t. Champagne yeast (Available at most brew shops) or bread yeast if you don’t mind off tastes
  • 1 T. white sugar
  • 2L soda bottle with lid
  • Plastic wrap


Start by cleaning the empty bottle REALLY well. Use bleach or vinegar, just get the nasties outta there. Add the concentrated juice and fill with water up to 2 inches below the top of the bottle. Now add your yeast and give a serious shake. Remove the bottle cap and cover the mouth of the bottle with plastic wrap and poke the tiniest hole you can in the wrap. Set this on a plate to catch any spillage and put in a warm, dark place for about 2 weeks, until the bubbling stops.

Now we have like a grey sludge wine. This is good. Now, we have to make it bubbly and clear.

Add your sugar to the mix and tightly fasten the cap. Leave for 24 hours MAX, but watch it closely. It will build up a huge amount of pressure and carbonate. When you are ready to clarify, place the bottle in an undisturbed section of your refrigerator for 2 days, preferably a week.

And there you have it! Bubbly, dry, fruity ‘champagne’, ‘cava’, ‘prosecco’, stuff.

Do be careful not to disturb the bottle when pouring, as it has sediment on the bottom. Enjoy cold within a month.


Happy Brewing